Artist Statement 

As humans we are programmed to pick up on the subtleties of the world around us. Whether these cues are conscious or unconscious, they undoubtedly affect the way we feel about people or places without us even knowing why or how. But what if these subtleties contradict each other? The sculptures I create use simple organic forms and a vibrant color palette to embody a beautiful contradiction, begging you to stay and daring you to turn away.

The forces of connection and repulsion working simultaneously unearth feelings of great intensity: longing, fear, ecstasy, and confusion.  At first glance my sculptures may look somewhat bizarre in form, but they request your attention with subtle body gestures and flashy peacocking of colors in an eye-catching display that satiates your brains’ pleasure centers.

My work uses biological forms to illustrate the many psychological and emotional contradictions of the human experience, as well as the chaotic yet harmonious relationships of the natural world. Each piece creates a dialogue of free association, which invites viewers to question their emotional responses to each object. My art challenges people to adjust their scope and expand their imagination to the possibility of the beautiful contradictions that exist all around us.