About Corrin Ceramics

Corrin Ceramics is a handmade ceramics line designed and produced by Alexandra Corrin. The pieces are inspired by Scandinavian and Mid-Century design, psychedelic art, and the effortless balance of nature.

I want these pieces to have a strong connection to design aesthetics from the past while staying accessible and contemporary. My handle designs are inspired by curves on buses, trains, airplanes, and cars. I like to create contrast by keeping the design simple and organic while using color and texture to give each piece a unique playfulness that sets the wares apart.


About the ArtisT

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Alexandra is a ceramic artist based in The Bay Area and raised in Long Beach, California. She received her bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Cal State Long Beach and after exploring a career in the worlds of interior and industrial design came back to her true love, ceramics.

Alexandra makes both mixed media sculpture and functional ware. Her sculptures are heavily inspired by the natural word, especially the intertidal zone of California, and by the subtle ways that humans generate nonverbal cues. They are arranged to communicate the chaotic yet harmonious balance of nature.

Her functional ware is an exploration of central motifs in Mid-Century design integrating a balance of visual elements to create pieces with lots of personality.